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I am Rizvi and I am passionate about startups, tech, anime and other geeky stuff. What I enjoy most is building digital products from scratch. I am fortunate to have built a diverse set of skills over the past years, which allows me to systematically identify pain points, draft a solution in my head and on paper, build a distinctive and beautiful user interface and finally bring my idea to life by directly building the product.💯 

Moreover, I enjoy working in teams and for many projects, I was able to inspire people to work alongside me to deliver something amazing. With my startups like Sharryup and Podstellar, I also got heavily involved on the sales and marketing side. It includes things like drafting a conveying pitch deck (which of some you find on the project page) and pitch it to over 20 different VC’s as well as taking care of the product-market fit and scaling of the platforms. I enjoy being at the interface where product happens, working closely with tech, marketing and sales alike. I dislike stiff corporate setups where innovation is inhibited through politics and bureaucracy (though I learned to also deal with this). Most importantly, I enjoy life, I like to learn continuously be it on the job or in my free time. Learn more below about my experiences, skills and projects and contact me anytime on 🍻beers@rizvihaider.com or at    ☕️coffee@rizvihaider.com. Especially if you are an entrepreneur, I would like to talk with you and share experiences.

A bit more on my skills

What I enjoy a lot and what I am skilled at is connecting the business world with the tech world. From a tech side, I was able to gain a great amount of know-how in the science field through my studies at ETH. My studies took me into the biomedical engineering space, where I was able to learn a lot in the field of drug delivery and biocompatible particle formation for the human body. I got the unique chance to continue my research in this space at Harvard University where I was working as a graduate researcher at the renowned Wyss Institute under Prof. Rob Wood.

Also on the business side, I was able to gain significant experience. After making it to the Swiss Finals at the Procter&Gamble Case Study challenge, I was offered an internship within the Gillette brand of P&G. This internship thought me a lot about how a product is built and distributed to millions of customers worldwide. I was responsible for a major product line and its supply chain for the major markets in EMEA. A totally different industry at another internship, i.e. the semiconductor market, thought me a lot on corporate strategy. At Infineon in Singapore, I was responsible to conduct the market research and come up with a proposal which MEMS niche is a good market in the Chinese market to tap in. My last experience was with UBS where I was working within the digital transformation team. My primary focus was to design automation and digitalization solutions in order to reduce manual effort across various UBS operational units. Now I am off to a new journey to learn about Insuretech and how to disrupt the multi-billion dollar insurance industry.  


My expertise areas

I bring technical know-how as well as a business understanding of how to use emerging technologies effectively in a corporate environment.

Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence


Big Data