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6th December – 12th December 2021

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This is Rizvi, entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast based in Zurich, Switzerland. Every week, I’ll share with you some of my weekly readings and thoughts around crypto and blockchain topics, from market insights to trading activities. Feedback is more than welcome!

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🪙 Crypto Market News

Kickstarter plans to move its crowdfunding platform to the blockchain. Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is making a big bet on the blockchain, announcing plans to create an open source protocol “that will essentially create a decentralized version of Kickstarter’s core functionality.” The company says the goal is for multiple platforms to embrace the protocol, including, eventually, 📰 Techcrunch

Australia set for massive shakeup to crypto regulations. In an attempt to bring rules for Australia’s payment systems up to date, the new regulations will “broaden the definition of services and products that can be regulated,” taking cryptocurrencies and digital assets “out of the shadows” and into a “world-leading” regulatory framework.  📰 Fortune

Visa’s crypto consulting unit. Payments giant Visa has formed a global crypto advisory practice to help financial institutions develop their cryptocurrency businesses as demand for crypto products continues to grow, the company said in a statement Wednesday. Visa’s crypto advisory team will work alongside the company’s consulting and analytics group to advise banks on their crypto strategy and execution, as well as to help banks build crypto teams.  📰 Coindesk

Bitcoin hashrate approaches full recovery from China Crackdown. The bitcoin hashrate, a measure of computing power on the network, has almost completely recovered to its level in May, when Chinese authorities started a crackdown on the industry. At the time, China was the biggest bitcoin miner in the world, accounting for 71% of the global hashrate, according to the Bitcoin Mining Electricity Index compiled by the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Alternative Finance. 📰 Coindesk

WhatsApp launches cryptocurrency payments pilot in the US. WhatsApp has launched a new pilot that lets a “limited number” of people in the US send and receive money from within a chat using cryptocurrency. The feature is powered by Novi, Meta’s digital wallet that launched as a pilot six weeks ago, with payments made using Pax Dollars (USDP), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar issued by Paxos. 📰 TheVerge


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🖼️ NFT & Metaverse News

Ubisoft Announces NFT Plans. Gaming giant Ubisoft is building non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its latest “Tom Clancy” title, the company announced Tuesday. The integration marks the first time a mainstream video game is adding NFTs to its in-game economy. The ability to own and sell digital goods outside the walled garden of a given title has long been a holy grail for crypto-minded gamers. 📰 Coindesk

OpenSea hires new CFO from Lyft. Brian Roberts says he wants to raise more funds for OpenSea’s booming NFT marketplace. He also has plans to take it public with an IPO. Since the summer, the marketplace has attracted nearly 300,000 active users a month, while the daily volume of Ethereum traded on the platform rarely drops below $50 million. Compared to its competitors like SuperRare and Rarible, it’s a clear titan.   📰 Decrypt

Pantone launches NFTs. Pantone, the developer of the modern color matching system, is releasing the color through a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Tezos blockchain. The collection will feature NFTs designed by artist Polygon1993, each using the color in its artwork. Pantone says it tapped Tezos as its blockchain of choice for being a “fast, secure and energy-efficient” network, according to a Pantone press release. 📰 Coindesk

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