Santorini – Greece

Possibly one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited (and I have been on many islands). I did this trip during the Corona time in October 2020. In Switzerland bars and shops were closed and I had still couple of vacation days left for 2020 which I needed to take. At that time the Corona cases kept increases and in fact Switzerland had one of the highest infection rates in whole Europe. As a consequence, Switzerland was banned and blacklisted on many countries for travel or at minimum you needed to do a quarantine for 14 days. Only Greece was one of the few countries where you could fly to from Switzerland without much restrictions and moreover without quarantining. 

So the choice to fly to Greece came somewhat easy but the open question was to which island to fly to or even go to Athens? After browsing a bit Vany and I decided for Santorini and it couldn’t have been a better choice. Santorini is known for its beautiful villages and iconic buildings with the blue roofs. Another choice would have been Mykonos, which is rather known as party island but we decided for the calm and admittedly more extravagant option. 

For me it was clear that we wanted a hotel with sea view and a pool and so be it. We found an amazing apartment located at the hillside of Santorini, with a beautiful view on the vulcanic islands and a private pool. 

Once landed on the Island of Santorini, it is only a 15 min drive to Fira, a town just at the center coast line of Santorini. It is a perfect spot, if you want to have a hub where you can visit all the other places in Santorini. The other option would have been Oia (pronounced Ia), which is the most “instagrammed” town and most people know from the pictures. The key difference, besides the slightly more expensive apartments is the sunset. In Fira you will see the sun setting over the sea whereas in Oia the sun will set just behind the iconic buildings. We experienced both sunsets and both sunsets are simply breath-taking.   


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